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Monthly Test is Over
Thursday, August 9, 2012 | 0 Gossip

Oh yeah second monthly test is now officially ended. I don't know why but i think this monthly test was.... HARD. I mean, really hard. I did better during mid term last time though. I don't know the result yet but i guess i'm gonna fail some of the killer subjects. Hmm i did studied but yeah this time the test was quiet challenging i could kill myself :/ If the result is out and my ranking is worst than the last time, i wouldn't be surprise since i am already well prepared ;p

Well let's just forget about that and just focus on Running Man. Eh? ;p I'm addicted (like really really addicted) to Running Man now. I watched the show from the very beginning of the episode and now i'm on episode 19. Lol current episode is episode 105 and i baru episode 19. LAMBATNYAAAAAAA

Oh ya did you notice that this entry was completely in english? Lol yeah this is the first time since i started blogging i'm using full english in an entry. I don't know why i just feels like want to ;p So hm yeah kbai!

Omg i love them! Gary is so sweet :')))))

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